Goole, Paradise Place, DN14 5DL

25th February 2023 at 20:00

25 Sat

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Cracking Barnstormers Comedy show in prospect in the delightful surrounds of the lovely arts centre/theatre in the heart of Goole. As always, a top Barnstormers Comedy MC will be on hand to introduce three more top acts from the UK Comedy Circuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: amiable grouch with aguitar Pierre Hollins, 'Comedy Rock'n'Roll Heaven' - the Daily Mirror; the goofy and peculiar Stephanie Laing, 'Truly commanded the crowd. Disgusting and delightful in equal measure. She is definitely one to watch.’ - Three Weeks; and award winning Hull stand-up Jack Gleadow, 'All-round entertainment which encompasses a full assortment of skills…has a very bright future in entertainment ahead of him' - ONe4Review

Please note that while we do our very best to keep this website up to date, shows can change without notice because of other commitments of artists such as television or stage work.