Salisbury Arts Centre

Salisbury, Bedwin Street, SP1 3UT

27th October 2023 at 20:00

27 Fri

Advanced tickets:


Fabulous Barnstormers Comedy show in prospect in the always delightful surrounds of the desanctified church-cum-arts-centre in the heart of Salisbury. As ever, an excellent Barnstormers Comedy MC will be on hand to introduce three more top acts from the London Comedy Cicuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: the upbeat and engaging Gerry K, ' He may have been short in stature but more than made up for it in knowing how to keep the laughs coming' - Sleaford Standard; the offbeat and surreal Tony Law, 'Delivers the kind of deliciously demented stream of consciousness you might get if you put Harry Hill and Sean Lock in a blender' - The Evening Standard; and the downbeat and acerbic Mary Bourke, 'Catch her act before she becomes a (complete and utter ) cult' - The Guardian.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep this website up to date, shows can change without notice because of other commitments of artists such as television or stage work.